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Which security architecture component offers streamlined security operations, ease of use, and visibility across all network security elements, independent of location or form factor?

A. threat-centric protection
B. integrated actionable intelligence
C. distributed enforcement
D. central command and control

Answer: D
Distributed Enforcement: Support for any form factor in any location. Network security services must be available in any location, in any form factor, and in any combination. This allows the security team to apply granular network security policies to network segments, flows, applications, or specific groupsof users.

In a redundant hub and spoke “wheel” design, all spokes are connected to the hub, and spokes are connected to other spokes as well. During failure on one spoke link, the traffic from that site can be sent to a neighboring site for it to be forwarded to the hub site. But during peak hours, a link is overloaded and traffic is re-routed to a neighbor, which subsequently becomes overloaded. This overload results in network traffic oscillation as the load varies at each spoke site. This design provides more redundancy but not more resiliency because the routing protocol must process many alternate paths to determine the lowest cost path. Which two design changes help to improve resilience in this case? (Choose two.)

A. Increase the number of redundant paths considered during the routing convergence calculation.
B. Eliminate links between every spoke.
C. Increase routing protocol convergence timers.
D. Increase unequal-cost parallel paths.
E. Use two links to each remote site instead of one.

Answer: DE

Company XYZ plans to run OSPF on a DMVPN network. They want to use spoke-to-spoke tunnels in the design. What is a drawback or concern in this type of design?

A. Additional host routes will be inserted into the routing tables.
B. Manual configuration of the spoke IP address on the hub will be needed.
C. There will be split-horizon issue at the hub.
D. Manual configuration of the spokes with the appropriate priority will be needed.

Answer: D
Split Horizon is EIGRP’s loop prevention mechanism. Distance Vector protocols also use Split Horizon for loop prevention.
If you’re going to use OSPF, make sure that your hubs are the DR and BDR. If you only have one hub, make it the DR, and don’t configure a BDR.The key point here is that the spokes should never be elected as DR or BDR. You can enforce this with ip ospf priority 0.

SDN is still maturing. Throughout the evolution of SDN, which two things will play a key role in enabling a successful deployment and avoiding performance visibility gaps in the infrastructure? (Choose two.)

A. peer-to-peer controller infrastructure
B. falling back to old behaviors
C. dynamic real-time change
D. rapid on-demand growth
E. integration of device context

Answer: CD

What are two examples of components that are part of an SDN architecture? (Choose two.)

A. management plane
B. application plane
C. software plane
D. network plane
E. control plane

Answer: BE

A customer migrates from a traditional Layer 2 data center network into a new SDN-based, spine-and-leaf VXLAN EVPN data center within the same location. The networks are joined to enable host migration at Layer 2. What is the final migration step, after hosts have physically migrated, to have traffic flowing through the new network without changing any host configuration?

A. Increase VRRP priorities on new infrastructure over legacy VRRP values, then shut down legacy SVIs.
B. Shut down legacy Layer 3 SVIs and activate new preconfigured Layer 3 SVIs on VXLAN.
C. Shut down legacy infrastructure to allow VXLAN gateways to become active.
D. Shut down legacy Layer 3 SVIs, clear ARP caches on all hosts being migrated, and then configure the legacy VRRP address onto new VXLAN core switches.

Answer: B

Which component of the SDN architecture automatically ensures that application traffic is routed according to policies established by network administrators?

A. SDN controller
B. packet forwarding engine
C. southbound API
D. northbound API

Answer: A

Cost is often one of the motivators for a business to migrate from a traditional network to a software-defined network. Which design decision is directly influenced by CAPEX drivers?

A. scalability
B. stability
C. complexity
D. manageability

Answer: A

A software-defined network can be defined as a network with an API that allows applications to understand and react to the state of the network in near real time. A vendor is building an SDN solution that exposes an API to the RIB and potentially the forwarding engine directly. The solution provides off-box processes with the capability to interact with the routing table in the same way as a distributed routing process. Which SDN framework model does the solution use?

A. replace
B. augmented
C. hybrid
D. distributed

Answer: B

If the desire is to connect virtual network functions together to accommodate different types of network service connectivity, what must be deployed?

A. linking
B. bridging
C. service chaining
D. daisy chaining
E. switching

Answer: C

When consumers that leverage IaaS reach 100% resource capacity, what can be used to redirect the overflow of traffic to the public cloud, so there is no disruption to service?

A. cloud policing
B. cloud bursting
C. cloud spill
D. cloud shaping

Answer: B

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