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A server with a statically assigned IP address is attached to a switch that is provisioned for DHCP snooping. For more protection against malicious attacks, the network team is considering enabling dynamic ARP inspection alongside DHCP snooping.
Which solution ensures that the server maintains network reachability in the future?

A.    Disable DHCP snooping information option.
B.    Configure a static DHCP snooping binding entry on the switch.
C.    Trust the interface that is connected to the server with the ip dhcp snooping trust command.
D.    Verify the source MAC address of all untrusted interfaces with ip dhcp snooping verify mac-address command.

Answer: B

DHCP snooping and IP Source Guard have been configured on a switch that connects to several client workstations. The IP address of one of the workstations does not match any entries found in the DHCP binding database. Which statement describes the outcome of this scenario?

A.    Packets from the workstation will be rate limited according to the default values set on the switch.
B.    The interface that is connected to the workstation in question will be put into the errdisabled state.
C.    Traffic will pass accordingly after the new IP address is populated into the binding database.
D.    The packets originating from the workstation are assumed to be spoofed and will be discarded.

Answer: D

Which technique allows specific VLANs to be strictly permitted by the administrator?

A.    VTP pruning
B.    transparent bridging
C.    trunk-allowed VLANs
D.    VLAN access-list
E.    L2P tunneling

Answer: C

For security reasons, the IT manager has prohibited users from dynamically establishing trunks with their associated upstream switch. Which two actions can prevent interface trunking? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure trunk and access interfaces manually.
B.    Disable DTP on a per interface basis.
C.    Apply BPDU guard and BPDU filter.
D.    Enable switchport block on access ports.

Answer: AB

Which two protocols can be automatically negotiated between switches for trunking? (Choose two.)

A.    PPP
B.    DTP
C.    ISL
D.    HDLC
E.    DLCI
F.    DOT1Q

Answer: CF

A network is running VTPv2. After verifying all VTP settings, the network engineer notices that the new switch is not receiving the list of VLANs from the server. Which action resolves this problem?

A.    Reload the new switch.
B.    Restart the VTP process on the new switch.
C.    Reload the VTP server.
D.    Verify connected trunk ports.

Answer: D

After configuring new data VLANs 1020 through 1030 on the VTP server, a network engineer notices that none of the VTP clients are receiving the updates. What is the problem?

A.    The VTP server must be reloaded.
B.    The VTP version number must be set to version 3.
C.    After each update to the VTP server, it takes up to 4 hours propagate.
D.    VTP must be stopped and restarted on the server.
E.    Another switch in the domain has a higher revision number than the server.

Answer: B

A network engineer is extending a LAN segment between two geographically separated data centers. Which enhancement to a spanning-tree design prevents unnecessary traffic from crossing the extended LAN segment?

A.    Modify the spanning-tree priorities to dictate the traffic flow.
B.    Create a Layer 3 transit VLAN to segment the traffic between the sites.
C.    Use VTP pruning on the trunk interfaces.
D.    Configure manual trunk pruning between the two locations.

Answer: C
Pruning unnecessary VLANs from the trunk can be performed with one of two methods:
• Manual pruning of the unnecessary VLAN on the trunk – This is the best method, and it avoids the use of the spanning tree. Instead, the method runs the pruned VLAN on trunks.
• VTP pruning – Avoid this method if the goal is to reduce the number of STP instances.
VTP-pruned VLANs on a trunk are still part of the spanning tree. Therefore, VTP-pruned VLANs do not reduce the number of spanning tree port instances.
Since the question asked for the choice that is an enhancement to the STP design, VTP pruning is the best choice.

The network manager has requested that several new VLANs (VLAN 10, 20, and 30) are allowed to traverse the switch trunk interface. After the command switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,20,30 is issued, all other existing VLANs no longer pass traffic over the trunk. What is the root cause of the problem?

A.    The command effectively removed all other working VLANs and replaced them with the new VLANs.
B.    VTP pruning removed all unused VLANs.
C.    ISL was unable to encapsulate more than the already permitted VLANs across the trunk.
D.    Allowing additional VLANs across the trunk introduced a loop in the network.

Answer: A

When you design a switched network using VTPv2, how many VLANs can be used to carry user traffic?

A.    1000
B.    1001
C.    1024
D.    2048
E.    4095
F.    4096

Answer: B

What does the command vlan dot1q tag native accomplish when configured under global configuration?

A.    All frames within the native VLAN are tagged, except when the native VLAN is set to 1.
B.    It allows control traffic to pass using the non-default VLAN.
C.    It removes the 4-byte dot1q tag from every frame that traverses the trunk interface(s).
D.    Control traffic is tagged.

Answer: D

Which private VLAN access port belongs to the primary VLAN and can communicate with all interfaces, including the community and isolated host ports?

A.    promiscuous port
B.    isolated port
C.    community port
D.    trunk port

Answer: A


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