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New Question
An IBGP mesh design is being scoped, and in the discussions, one of the design engineers proposes the use of route reflectors. Which limitation is valid when using route reflectors in this

A. The configuration complexity on the routers will be increased.
B. Route reflectors will limit the total number of routes in the topology.
C. Multipath information is difficult to propagate in a route reflector topology.
D. Route reflectors will cause an opportunity to create routing loops.

Answer: C

New Question
Your firm has been awarded a contract to design a Criminal Justice Information Services Version 5.0-compliant network utilizing advanced authentication policies. Which two methods could be utilized? (Choose two.)

A. biometric
D. password

Answer: AB

New Question
A service provider wants to maximize forwarding memory, routing memory, and CPU resources on PE devices for enterprise customers that have very few sites (two to three) and a large number of prefixes (several thousand).
Which service should the service provider offer these customers?

C. L3VPNs (RFC 2547-based)
D. InterAS L3VPN

Answer: A

New Question
FIFO queuing is being used on all routers in a network. The primary application running on the network is data backup using FTP. At certain times, users experience cyclical performance degradation.
What two things might mitigate this problem and help ensure bandwidth is used effectively in the network? (Choose two.)

A. traffic shaping
C. traffic policing

Answer: BD

New Question
What are two reasons for instrumenting your network and network devices to collect performance data? (Choose two.)

A. to determine the impact of jitter and latency on application performance
B. to enable capacity planning decisions
C. to route traffic around constrained choke points in the network
D. to determine the locations at which QoS needs to be implemented

Answer: BD

New Question
Which three statements accurately describe OSPF route summarization? (Choose three.)

A. OSPF routes can be summarized at any OSPF router in the network using area range or summary
address commands.
B. OSPF internal routes can be summarized only at the ABRs.
C. OSPF type 5 external routes can be summarized only at the ASBRs.
D. Route summarization can lead to a more stable network.
E. OSPF internal routes are automatically summarized via type 3 summary LSAs.
F. A flat addressing scheme is required in order to summarize OSPF routes.

Answer: BCD

New Question
A very large enterprise customer is migrating from EIGRP to IS-IS.
What is your main concern in regards to changes in the path packets take after the migration is complete?

A. the redistribution points
B. the bandwidth and metrics of the links
C. the areas sizes
D. the number of prefixes

Answer: B

New Question
Which tunneling mechanism provides confidentiality as well as tunneling capabilities?

B. IPsec ESP
C. L2TPv3
D. IPsec AH

Answer: B

New Question
You have designed a network to support two offices connected by a T1. Your router serial interfaces will be configured with encapsulation PPP. What will happen to your EIGRP neighbors if there is an LCP failure once your network is implemented?

A. Your neighbors will drop after the EIGRP timers expire.
B. Your neighbors will stay up because the link has not gone down.
C. Your neighbors will drop immediately.
D. Your neighbors will drop and EIGRP will begin the query process.

Answer: D

New Question
A junior engineer is implementing one of your optical designs and asks about CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing). Which two features describe CWDM? (Choose two.)

A. typically used over long distances, but requires optical amplification
B. allows up to 32 optical carriers to be multiplexed onto a single fiber
C. shares the same transmission window as DWDM
D. uses the 850-nm band
E. Passive CWDM devices require no electrical power.

Answer: CE

New Question
Acme Corporation indicates that their network design must support the ability to scale to support a high number of remote sites. Which IGP is considered to scale better for a hub-and-spoke topology?


Answer: D


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