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Upon completion of an installation, you have begun failover/giveback testing.
You notice that when node-02 has been taken over by node-01, node-02 will not respond to ping requests.
Which statement describes what is happening?

A. The controller is down and has been taken over by the partner, this is normal behavior during a failover.
B. The controller that is up, node-01, does not have partner statements in the /etc/rc file.
C. The controller that is down, node-02, does not have partner statements in the /etc/rc file.
D. There are no ports in the LIFs’ broadcast domain that are linked.

Answer: C

Which two statements are true regarding SSDs? (Choose two.)

A. SSDs are only available in 400 GB sizes.
B. SSDs must be in different RAID groups than HDDs.
C. SSDs are available for multi-disk carrier shelves.
D. The Maintenance Center is not available for SSDs.

Answer: BD

Click the Exhibit button. You are asked to install a new cluster with six FAS8060 nodes. While running Config Advisor, you see the messages shown in the exhibit. The customer does not want ACP cabled on their cluster. Which two actions would allow the installation to be completed successfully? (Choose two.)

A. Advise NGS that the customer has a controller in an unsupported state.
B. Advise the customer that they must acknowledge that they are not using ACP on the installation.
C. Advise the sales team that the customer is operating without ACP and that the customer is asking you to leave it that way.
D. Advise the customer that the error will cause the controller to not operate properly and create an unsupported state.

Answer: BC

A remote administrator is connecting to a cluster from a different remote network. According to NetApp best practices, which type of LIF routing is required to accomplish this task?

A. cluster LIF
B. data LIF
C. cluster management LIF
D. intercluster LIF

Answer: B

You have completed the installation and verification of the cluster for a customer.
What is required to complete the event?

A. Present the customer with the posters included in the boxes.
B. Call your manager to let them know that you are finished.
C. Have the customer call NetApp Support to let them know that the installation is complete.
D. Have the contact sign a document saying that the installation is complete.

Answer: D

You want to install a new clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 system. The customer wants to use open ports on interconnect switches from a different system with clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 because they are running out of space in their rack.
What should be considered in this scenario?

A. Only one cluster per switch pair is qualified and supported.
B. You can use all free network ports for the cluster interconnect.
C. You can only use dedicated ports for the clustered interconnect.
D. A maximum of two clusters per switch pair are qualified and supported, but you should use trunked ports.

Answer: C

You are planning to update your running switch environment. You need to determine if certain conditions exist before the FASTPATH software and reference configuration file (RCF) on a NetApp CN16xx cluster switch can be installed.
Which condition must exist in this scenario?

A. You must set the port configuration to default for all ports before running the portcfgdefault port-number command.
B. The cluster must be a fully functioning cluster (no error log messages or other issues).
C. All ISL ports must be moved to a different switch.
D. You can only update your switch environment within offline windows.

Answer: B

You are setting up a LIF for the node management network. What will be the default failover policy in this scenario?

A. broadcast-domain-wide
B. system-defined
C. local-only
D. sfo-partner-only

Answer: C

You want to create a data volume on aggr0 and you receive a message with the following warning:
”Warning: You are about to create a volume on a root aggregate. This may cause severe performance or stability problems and therefore is not recommended. Do you want to proceed?” What is the reason for this severe performance or stability problem?

A. Controller failover and storage failover are separate processes that must occur in parallel, otherwise problems will arise.
B. The performance load generated by the data volume can be very strong, so it should not be shared with vol0 on aggr0, requiring a separate aggregate for it.
C. The performance load generated by the vol0 cannot be shared with any other volume on aggr0, requiring a dedicated aggregate for it.
D. Controller failover and storage failover are separate processes that must occur at different times, otherwise problems will arise.

Answer: B

You have completed a clustered Data ONTAP installation for a new customer. You are now ready to hand off the system to the customer.
Which three actions should you take at this stage in the installation process? (Choose three.)

A. Show the customer how to open a case with NetApp Support.
B. Demonstrate System Manager and its functionality.
C. Tell the customer to call their sales representative if there are further questions.
D. Tell the customer you are finished and then leave the site.
E. Show the customer how to set up a support account.

Answer: ABE

What happens to the NTP configuration in clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 when a node joins a cluster?

A. A node that joins a cluster has a separate NTP service.
B. A node that joins a cluster automatically adopts the NTP configuration of the cluster.
C. A node that joins a cluster must be manually configured in the NTP.
D. A node that joins a cluster must reboot before running the NTP service.

Answer: B

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