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Which two options are qualities of the guardian stakeholder decision making style? (Choose two.)

A.    Formal process
B.    Fact-based
C.    Cautious
D.    Middle-of-the-road

Answer: BC

Which two options describe the qualities of a transactional leadership style? (Choose two.)

A.    Democratic in nature
B.    Leader provides rewards and incentives
C.    Involves high level of communication
D.    Motivate through encouragement

Answer: AB

When using the Business Model Canvas, which two options would justify dividing customers into multiple customer segments? (Choose two.)

A.    They purchase online or in-store
B.    They are reached through different distribution channels
C.    They use CAPEX or OPEX models for financing their purchases
D.    They are willing to pay for different aspects of the offer
E.    They require different levels of customer service

Answer: BD

Which of the business model canvas building blocks should normally be considered first?

A.    Customer Relationships
B.    Customer Segments
C.    Value Propositions
D.    Key Activities

Answer: B

When using the Business Model Canvas, which two options are motivations for creating key partnerships? (Choose two.)

A.    Diversification into niche markets
B.    Optimization and economy of scale
C.    Versatility and innovation
D.    Reduction of risk and uncertainty

Answer: BD

How can a customer-centric business model design help uncover new business opportunities?

A.    It can uncover inefficient processes which the organization may be able to make more efficient through the use of technology.
B.    It allows the organization to focus more on its sales and marketing strategy.
C.    It assists with understanding how technology relates to the products and services that the organization provides.
D.    It can uncover new or additional customer needs for which the organization may be able to innovate new products and services.

Answer: D

Which two options are potential ways the business model canvas can help to identify new business opportunities for the customer? (Choose two.)

A.    Allowing departments to think more holistically about their business
B.    Focusing on product benefits rather than product features
C.    Establishing a common language and understanding between different teams and departments
D.     Explaining why Cisco is better than alternative vendors

Answer: AC

What are two purposes of the Business Motivation Model? (Choose two).

A.    To develop sales and marketing strategies.
B.    To provide a high level view of the overall business landscape.
C.    To identify factors that motivate the establishing of business plans.
D.    To identify and define the elements of business plans.
E.    To perform capability gap analysis.

Answer: CD

What is a business capability?

A.    An organization’s capacity to successfully perform a business activity.
B.    A description for a business process leading to a specified outcome.
C.    A view of the business from the perspective of a particular strategy.
D.    An analysis of the organization’s value chain.

Answer: A

Which three options describe qualities of business capabilities? (Choose three.)

A.    Capabilities are the building blocks of the business
B.    Capabilities represent stable business functions
C.    Capabilities define business goals and objectives
D.    Capabilities are unique and independent from each other
E.    Capabilities provide an understanding of business risk
F.    Capabilities can be used to determine performance targets

Answer: ABD


1.|2017 New 820-424 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 156Q&As Download:

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