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What are two FPolicy methods for applications? (Choose two.)

A.    asynchronous
B.    semi-synchronous
C.    direct
D.    synchronous

Answer: AD

An administrator enabled the iSCSI protocol on an SVM and created a LUN for a Windows 2012 server. When the administrator uses Windows Disk Management, the LUN cannot be found. Which two statements describe how to solve this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Create an igroup and add the iSCSI IQN and then map it to the LUN.
B.    Configure the iSCSI service on the Windows 2012 server.
C.    Disable the ALUA support for the igroup that is mapped to the LUN.
D.    Create an igroup and add the WWPN and then map it to the LUN.

Answer: AB

You create a 1000 GB volume with space-guarantee set to none and fractional-reserve set to 0. In that volume you create a 400 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled.
How much space is available in the volume before data is written to the LUN?

A.    400 GB
B.    0 GB
C.    600 GB
D.    1000 GB

Answer: B

A customer has two SVMs joined to separate Active Directory domains. SVM1 is joined to domain AD1 and SVM2 is joined to domain AD2. The administrator enables Active Directory access to allow certain domain users access to the cluster using their Active Directory credentials. After enabling, some users report the inability to log into the cluster using their Active Directory credentials.
What are three reasons this happened? (Choose three.)

A.    The user account belongs to the domain that is not used for cluster access authentication.
B.    The cluster time is off by two minutes from the Active Directory time server.
C.    The authentication tunnel was deleted and access sessions were disconnected.
D.    The Active Directory user account is not added to the cluster as a user.
E.    The user is not a member of an Active Directory group that is allowed access to the cluster.

Answer: ADE

You have a cluster with a node running root data partitioning and need to grow the aggregate for additional data volumes.
What is NetApp’s best practice for increasing the aggregate size to optimize performance?

A.    Add 16 disks to the aggregate.
B.    Create a new aggregate and migrate all data with vol move.
C.    Add two disks to an existing RAID group.
D.    Add a complete RAID group at a time.

Answer: D
best practices when you add storage to an aggregate optimizes aggregate performance:
Add a complete RAID group at a time.

What type of configuration is required for SnapVault backup between clusters in two different clustered Data ONTAP or later systems?

A.    Vserver Peer Configuration
B.    SnapVault Peer Configuration
C.    Backup Peer Configuration
D.    Cluster Peer Configuration

Answer: D

What are two ways a storage administrator can improve the operational availability of NAS application data? (Choose two.)

A.    By backing up data to a USB disk
B.    By configuring ALUA on the host
C.    By providing multiple data logical interfaces
D.    By utilizing the volume move feature

Answer: CD

Which logical interface is created when you create a single-node clustered Data ONTAP system during cluster setup?

A.    Two cluster LIFs
B.    An intercluster LIF
C.    A data LIF
D.    A cluster management LIF

Answer: D

In transitioning SnapVault relationships from 7-mode to clustered Data ONTAP, which statements are true? (Choose three)

A.    You are required to re-create all Snapvault relationships with new baseline
B.    You can plan on fan-in relationships of many source volume to one destination volume
C.    You can plan on fan-in relationships at the system level, many volumes to one Vserver
D.    You can plan on SnapMirror to SnapVault cascades

Answer: ACD

Which of these correctly describes single-node clusters?

A.    They support storage failover
B.    They support nondistruptive upgrade
C.    They have no cluster LIFs
D.    They are identical to one-node clusters

Answer: C

Which four features does Cluster-Mode support? (Choose four.)

A.    Data protection mirrors
B.    Load-sharing mirrors
C.    NDMP tape backup
D.    Non-disruptive upgrades
E.    Synchronous SnapMirror

Answer: ABCD


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