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A customer is adding new tape devices to an EMC NetWorker server. The command is issued to scan for devices but does not find the new devices.
What is the most likely cause?

A.    Devices are not initialized until jbconfig has been initiated.
B.    Local device bootstrap has not been configured on the hard drive.
C.    Devices have not been added at the OS level.
D.    PAX translation mini-driver has not been installed.

Answer: C

In an EMC NetWorker environment, a clone volume (physical tape) required for a recovery is not currently mounted. Which attribute is consulted first to determine the storage node used for the recovery?

A.    Client’s “Recover Storage Node”
B.    Client’s “Clone Storage Node”
C.    Client’s “Storage Node”
D.    Jukebox “Read Host Name”

Answer: A

During the configuration of a tape library attached to a remote EMC NetWorker storage node, an “Access denied” error message is reported. What is the root cause of the issue?

A.    User on the storage node must have privileges to create the jukebox resources on the NetWorker server.
B.    User configuring the tape library must match the name of the administrative user on the storage node.
C.    The NetWorker storage node has to be defined as a client on the NetWorker server.
D.    User on the NetWorker server must have “logon as a service” privileges on the storage node.

Answer: A

You have a requirement to set up a NAS appliance into the EMC NetWorker environment. You have the remote username and passwords as well as the Fully Qualified Name (FQN) for the device and you wish to ensure that the NetWorker server can see the NDMP devices before the setup. Which command should be used to do this?

A.    scanner
B.    diskscan
C.    changer
D.    inquire

Answer: D

A client save set is backed up to an EMC NetWorker backup pool and later cloned to a volume in a clone pool. On the volume, what property determines when the volume in the clone pool is a candidate for recycling?

A.    Longest clone retention time of any save set
B.    Longest clone retention time of any differential save set
C.    Longest clone retention time of any full save set
D.    Longest clone retention time of any incremental save set

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. To which EMC NetWorker pool is the client save set backed up?

A.    Pool A
B.    Pool B
C.    Pool C
D.    Pool D

Answer: A

A customer is adding a new jukebox to an EMC NetWorker environment. The jukebox is connected and powered on. The customer powers on the NetWorker server and verifies the new library is visible to the OS. The customer brings up the Device Administration window and verifies the existing jukebox is functioning properly. However when the customer attempts to configure the new library using the Device Administration window function “Configure All Libraries”, it fails to configure and instructs the customer that they must use jbconfig to manually configure this library.
What is the most likely reason that the customer is forced to use jbconfig rather than the Device Administration window?

A.    NetWorker is unable to read the device serial numbers.
B.    The jukebox WWPNs are not zoned into the SAN properly.
C.    The /etc/rc3.d/S95networker failed to execute completely.
D.    The tape devices in the jukebox are identified as AIT-2 format.

Answer: A

Which EMC NetWorker command can be used to determine the number of records in the Client File Index for each client?

A.    mminfo
B.    nsrinfo
C.    nsrls
D.    gstclreport

Answer: C

An EMC NetWorker administrator wants to find all the files within a save set that are still browsable by the client. Which command will allow the administrator to perform this task?

A.    nsrinfo
B.    nsrls
C.    mminfo
D.    inquire

Answer: A

Which EMC NetWorker command lists save sets stored on each volume?

A.    mminfo
B.    nsrinfo
C.    nsrmm
D.    nsrretrieve

Answer: A


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